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The Democrat Leader, Home Improvement

Whatever the case, here are some of this season’s most buzzed-about trends and how you can incorporate them into your next project. Ways to make your outdoor living spaces more useful all year No matter if you live on a coast or in the Upper Midwest, you can use your outdoor spaces to the fullest in any season by adding a few enhancements. Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, it’s easy to add features like a seat wall and a fire ring for an outdoor gathering spot, or an outdoor kitchen to create the taste of summer all year. A few simple improvements can help you create a space that keeps you outside longer into the night, earlier in the spring and later into the cooler seasons. Prep steps for your sun-friendly skylights When warm weather finally arrives, windows and skylights across the country will open as happy homeowners revel in sunshine and warm, fresh air.


The Narcissism Of Home Improvement –

Unanticipated problems always crop up. And most important, the real product usually falls short of that idealized, perfect vision with which the homeowners began. Because narcissistic people never question themselves or their own choices when things go wrong, these homeowners will then turn on their contractor. As in a failing marriage when disillusionment sets in, these narcissistic homeowners often feel deceived and victimized by their contractor. They may blame him or her for everything that has gone awry, even for things that were beyond anyones control. In lieu of the grateful praise they lavished at the outset, they may scream, swear and demand satisfaction — now! The contractor naturally feels unappreciated and may come to despise the clients.